A dental prosthesis is an element that replaces one or several dental pieces that are absent. With its utilization the patient recovers not only the eating functionality but also the dentition esthetic, achieving a normal life without any discomfort.

A fixed prosthesis consists in artificial dental pieces that are attached with a crown to the abutment teeth, which are the healthy teeth around the area with no teeth. They are previously carved and are the ones used as the piece support. These prostheses are fixed, therefore it cannot be removed. No further maintenance is required other than normal oral hygiene.

There are two types:

  • Removable complete prostheses:
    • They are used when the patient does not have any teeth. The piece contains all the artificial teeth and it is placed in the dental alveolus.
  • Removable partial prostheses:
    • Used when there are still some teeth in the mouth that can be used as retainers for the prosthesis. This piece only contains the missing teeth. This kind of prosthesis allows the patient to remove and replace it at any time.
      • For its correct hygiene only a few steps are necessary:
      • Washing them using a toothbrush and a specific prosthesis paste or cleanser after each meal.
      • Also washing the gums, tongue and inside of the mouth to eliminate all the dental plaque.
      • It is recommended to use a mouthwash every day.
      • The prosthesis must be removed at night and be placed inside a glass of water with some cleanser.

Frequently asked questions

At the beginning it can be bothersome but as the days go by that feeling will decrease until you get completely used to it.
They shouldn’t, as you will be talking, chewing and doing life as usual.
The removable prosthesis must be properly adjusted to the gum but for a perfect fixation it can also be necessary to use a dental adhesive to avoid any displacement or detachment.

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