Periodontics consists in studying, diagnosing and treating the problems that can take place in the surrounding tooth structure (gum and bone). Our teeth can be in perfect condition although we can be having any kind of anomaly around them.

A redness of the gum can reveal gingivitis. They bleed easily and can be painful when taking cold or hot food. Fortunately this stage is reversible if the appropriate treatment is followed.

If not treated on time, gingivitis can lead to a periodontitis. This stage is not reversible since chronic irritation destroys the bone and it is unrecoverable, but this can be controlled. Periodontitis can be the cause of: - Early tooth loss – Tooth sensitivity – Bad breath – Impact of food that worsens the situation – More difficulty eating – Can affect the heart and worsen diabetes.

In order to prevent these situations we carry out a cleaning and conditioning dental treatment to avoid accumulating more tartar, leaving the root clean and healthy, and giving oral health advice that need to be strictly followed.

In some occasions the tartar is found deeply adhered and it is necessary to use anesthesia to avoid any pain.

Frequently asked questions

Normally you will feel sensitivity during the following week but there are specific mouthwashes and toothpastes for these cases.
The erosion is practically non-existent, the benefits are much larger since we prevent having serious problems.
Smoking increases the risk of suffering from periodontitis. Our advice is to stop smoking.

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