PADI PROGRAM (Children Dental Care Program)

Clínica Antonio Vidal is a registered PADI (Children Dental Care Program), clinic that offers treatments for children, financed by the Autonomous Region. The purpose of the Department of Health offering this program is to prevent tooth decay and periodontal pathology, considering as well treatments for other common childhood pathologies.

This is a free program intended for children between 6 and 9 years of age, for medical care provided by Murcia’s Health Care Services. With this program, children will receive the following social benefits:

  1. Education for individual health:
    • Hygienic measures for tooth-brushing.
    • Proper diet.
    • Annual or 6 monthly medical checks, depending on the mouth and teeth status.
  2. Placement of sealants in pits and fissures of the permanent molars.
  3. Topical application of fluoride.
  4. Dental filling of permanent molars when necessary.
  5. If needed, temporary or permanent tooth extraction.
  6. They can also take advantage of the most frequent treatments needed at this age:
    • Endodontic treatment of permanent posterior pieces.
    • Supernumerary teeth extraction.
    • Incisor and canine tooth reconstruction caused by injury or malformation.
    • Treatment of the pulp, dental filling, mouthguard, teeth restoration.
    • Apex formation
    • Dental re-implant
    • Soft tissue suturing
    • Panoramic radiography

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