With orthodontics we position the teeth in the right space of the mouth. It is NOT only used for cosmetic reasons, but also to improve the chewing function. Sometimes, either because of the absence of any dental piece or because the teeth eruption hasn’t occur adequately, it can cause displacements that may result in discomfort, erosion of other pieces, etc…

Unless corrected, this problem can cause migraine, clicking of the joint, muscle pathologies and joint discomfort. It occurs because our TMJ (temporobandibular joint) makes inadequate movements that is not meant to do.

Dental hygiene also gets affected, since teeth displacement makes difficult the access to the tooth surface some areas can be neglected, generating this way the cavities.

The solution is placing small pieces in the teeth called braces, in order to straighten them towards its correct position. Remember that it is essential to have a proper oral hygiene in addition to refrain from smoking for a successful treatment.

Frequently asked questions

You can feel discomfort and sensitivity for a maximum of 2 or 3 days. Although it is easily tolerated, you can make use of an analgesic.
In some patients the length can be reduced but it doesn’t have major consequences if a correct hygiene is maintained.
By using retainers that slight movement the teeth experience can be avoided after the treatment, therefore we can say the teeth remain fixed in the correct position.
Not at all. More and more adult patients chose this treatment with very successful results.

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