Endodontics is the treatment that consists in the removal of the dental pulp to avoid tooth extraction in order to preserve it. This intervention is performed when the injury has progressed a lot and reached the pulp.

Both cavity and dental fracture can cause pain, but depending on the extent of the injury it can be more or less intense. That intensity can give us a hint about the severity of the injury, although some tests must be carried out to determine the magnitude of the problem like testing the sensitivity to cold or heat, a teeth inspection by a practitioner, an x-ray of the internal part, etc… Generally if the pain is mild it can be solved protecting the dental pulp with protective solutions.

The problem is when the dental pulp is damaged. In these cases it needs to be removed. The practitioner will first remove the pulp using a local anesthetic thereafter the duct must be completely sterile, otherwise this situation would continue getting worse inside the tooth, and finally he will proceed with the dental filling and sealant.

In some occasions a crown must be placed in order to protect the remaining tooth.

Frequently asked questions

Symptoms may vary in each case, sometimes the tooth becomes sensitive to cold, heat or when chewing; a gumboil can appear, and some other times it doesn’t show any symptoms. Regular checks are the best way for the specialist to detect any problem.
On rare occasions a correctly restored tooth might experience a fracture caused by a cavity or because of a failure in the treatment.
We use a local anesthesia to avoid any pain, but once it is done and the effects of the anesthesia are gone some discomfort may appear but can be treated with analgesics.

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