Dental cosmetics

Cosmetic dentistry covers all treatments related to the beauty of the smile. Apart from improving the teeth aesthetic, these treatments will improve the patients quality of life.

Having a beautiful mouth is essential to smile without any complex. Any cosmetic alteration may have psychological implications. In Clínica Antonio Vidal we will take care of our patient’s mouth so it has a great look. With our advanced techniques and continuous professional training we are able to perform any kind of cosmetic treatments safely.

The main treatments we perform are the following:

  • Orthodontics. Rectify the teeth alignment.
  • Periodontics. Give the desired shape to the gum.
  • Implants. Replace missing dental pieces.
  • Veneers. Cover the tooth with a thin layer in order to correct defects of any form or colour.
  • Whitening. Improve the yellow colour of the teeth.
  • Crowns. Cover the whole tooth with a ceramic or metallic-ceramic crown.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the treatment, it can take a few days or weeks depending on each case. Regardless, the treatment will last the minimum time that is necessary to achieve the best results.
Veneers are well attached to the teeth and can’t fall easily.
Smoking not only turns the teeth yellow over time, it also weakens them, thereby increasing the chance to suffer damage. We recommend to stop smoking.

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