Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is the administration of medication with the purpose of removing any pain caused by a surgical intervention, as well as minimizing the patients’ fear and anxiety.

When a patient is not willing to receive a dental treatment, sedation is used as an alternative that allows us to carry out the necessary dental procedures, reducing the anxiety and agitation levels. Conscious sedation can be performed at the clinic on paediatric and adult patients that are unable to eliminate their unconscious “fear” of the treatment. It can also be considered for patients with mental disabilities that are impossible to treat. This type of sedation is offered to patients older than 5 years of age and cannot be offered to younger patients for safety reasons.

The use of conscious sedation in Dentistry is based on both the patients and Dentist needs.

In the case of children, the aim is to eliminate fear and pain during the treatment, adapting more easily to the treatment, and preventing dental phobia and anxiety.

Analgesics and tranquilizers are given to the patient so it does not hurt even if awake and conscious at all times. The effects of sedation lasts the same as the treatment or intervention.

Medication is administered orally or intranasal followed and kept in time by the administration of medication through the airway and/or intravenously. It is preferable to perform conscious sedation in the morning since it is essential to fast for 6 hours prior to the treatment.

Frequently asked questions

    • Peace of mind and comfort.
    • Complete relaxation.
    • Enough time to perform the intervention in a calm and safely manner.
    • Recovery in a very short time.
It is a highly safe technique. Given the monitoring of the patient and the medication dose normally used in conscious sedation, we can consider the risks are minimal.
It depends on each patient and they disappear when stopping the medication. These include: euphoria, dreaming, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, double-vision, etc.
The anaesthetic is the physician responsible for the whole process from beginning to end, dealing with any possible complications that could arise. The Dentist carries out the dental part. They coordinate each other in time to carry their respective part of the treatment.
Yes, we have an interest free 12-months financing program.
All questions related to conscious sedation can be clarified at our clinic before the treatment is performed by Dr.Vidal.


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